Practice Areas

Discrimination Claims

These occur in all shapes and sizes, for example sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, discrimination based on age, race, national origin, disability, , gender and sexual orientation. What these have in common is that Mediation can be extremely effective for settling discrimination claims. People involved in these highly charged, emotional disputes rarely find satisfaction or peace using litigation. A decision is based on the Rules of Procedure and evidence. A result is a given, but the damage done from the situation is beyond repair and one or both sides may be unhappy with the costly imposed outcome.Read More

Employment Termination

Alleged wrongful termination disputes can be stressful for everyone involved. Mediation is an efficient and effective way to resolve wrongful termination disputes and bring an end to an experience that can be harmful to both employer and employee. These come in a variety of forms from the hourly employee to the CEO of a large company and everything in between . Employees come in all types of perceived and actual sensitivity and all need to move on if the job situation is not working. Life goes on beyond an individual job but losing one may be a major event in a person’s life.Read More

Labor Arbitration

Labor and employment arbitration reaches a decision through a process that involves management and labor without the judicial system. It addresses a grievance or a contract dispute, or the interpretation of an existing labor contract. It can and is often used as an alternative tool to a costly and lengthy court battle. It is a privately agreed upon technique used to resolve many different types of issues including dismissal, discipline, rule or policy interpretation, etc. Labor arbitration utilizes an impartial third party that brings labor and management to a less expensive, more efficient and quicker process than litigation.Read More